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This website is the home of the collaborative research project "Caught in the act of protest: Contextualizing contestation". This project's principal aim is to create an international inter-university network of research teams interested in collective action and protest surveying. By doing so this project wants to:

  • expand our knowledge on protest dynamics by conducting a comparative study of protest demonstrations in 7 European countries, that investigates the impact of contextual variation such as nations, mobilizing contexts, demonstrations, and mobilization techniques on who participates for what reasons
  • employ a common theoretical framework, a standardized research design, and standardized measures in the individual projects
  • construct a dataset to be made available to the individual teams for analyses, which will produce new insights that only systematic comparison of the kind we plan can generate
  • organize workshops and to publish articles in order to disseminate the results of the project; to help societal actors understand and deal with the changing dynamics of protest
  • archive and make the data available to the wider scientific community
Feel free to contact us for more information and network membership.