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category: peer-reviewed article

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Transnational Collective Identification. The identification of May Day and Climate Change Protesters with Similar Protest Events in Other Countries

author(s) | Stefaan Walgrave, Ruud Wouters, Jeroen van Laer, Joris Verhulst and Pauline Ketelaars

journal | Mobilization

publication year | 2012     volume | 17     issue | 3

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abstract | Why do some people participating in transnational protest events identify with their foreign counterparts while other people participating in the same events do not feel they belong to a broader transnational movement? We find that participants in a series of May Day and Climate Change events are aware of the fact that the event in which they participate is part of a broader struggle. And many of those who are, do in fact identify with their overseas equivalents. There are differences between demonstrations with some demonstrations populated with transnational identifiers whereas others are more filled with merely national identifiers. Focussing on differences in transnational identification at the participant level our findings can be summarized in two statements: protest participation is a stronger producer of transnational identification than associational activism; expressive protesters identify more transnationally than instrumentally motivated protesters.

country project | The Netherlands

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