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category: peer-reviewed article

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Political Embeddedness and the Management of Emotions

author(s) | Daniel Blocq, Bert Klandermans and Jacquelien van Stekelenburg

journal | Mobilization

publication year | 2012     volume | 17     issue | 3

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abstract | This paper explores how variation in political embeddedness of social movement organizations (SMOs) influences the management of emotions. By variation in political embeddedness of SMOs, we mean variation in the strength and the number of ties between SMOs and the political establishment. By management of emotions, we mean efforts of SMO leaders to evoke particular emotions among SMO members. Using data from protest surveys conducted at demonstrations regarding climate change in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2009, we find that protestors who are members of a politically more embedded SMO are generally less angry than protestors who are members of a politically less embedded SMO. The finding that this pattern is especially strong among SMO members who heard about the demonstration through an SMO, confirms the assumed role of SMO leaders in the management of emotions.

country project | The Netherlands

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