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category: peer-reviewed article

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Contextualizing Contestation. Framework, Design and Data

author(s) | Jacquelien van Stekelenburg, Stefaan Walgrave, Bert Klandermans and Joris Verhulst

journal | Mobilization

publication year | 2012     volume | 17     issue | 3

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abstract | This paper presents the theoretical underpinnings, design, methods and measures of the Caught in the Act of Protest: Contextualizing Contestation Project (CCC). The project examines street demonstrations varying in atmosphere, organization, and target; in who participates, why and how these people got involved. The idea is that features of countries, movements and issues interact to mobilize participants. The project deals with the entire ‘demonstration moment’; data is collected before, during and after the sampled demonstrations. We developed standardized measures and techniques of sampling and data collection at the individual demonstrator level and at the context level. Evidence is gathered not only from the demonstrators but also the police, the organizers and the mass media. Data-gathering efforts are standardized through identical methods, questionnaires, fact sheets, and content analysis protocols. The CCC project examines demonstrations in Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden between 2009-2012. Teams from Italy, Mexico and the Czech Republic joined the project at a later stage. As we speak, the project has covered 61 demonstrations and in total 12,993 questionnaires have been completed.

country project | The Netherlands

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