Mattias Wahlström

Lecturer in Sociology

University of Gothenburg
Box 720
405 30 Gothenburg, SWEDEN
+46 (0)31 786 4830 (work)


Mattias Wahlström, PhD, is lecturer in sociology at the Department of Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg. In 2011 he defended his doctoral dissertation The Making of Protest and Protest Policing, which concerns contemporary political protest and the policing of protest in Sweden and Denmark. Based on qualitative analysis of interviews, observations and documents, various aspects of this area are explored, such as negotiation, provocation, spatial interaction, activist narratives and police organisational change.

Mattias has published articles on protest, social movements, protest policing, and philosophy of social science in peer-reviewed journals, including: Acta Sociologica, Distinktion, Environment and Planning D, Mobilization, and Social Movement Studies.

Country-team: Sweden