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category: peer-reviewed article

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The Missing Link in the Spread of Mobilization for Protest. Asking Others.

author(s) | Stefaan Walgrave

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abstract | Mobilization for protest occurs in interpersonal networks. Being asked is a key determinant of participation, but research has neglected the flip side: asking others. The study shifts the attention to the active part of micro mobilization and examines which prospective participants are most likely to ask others to participate and whom they ask. Drawing on a novel dataset including evidence on more than ten thousand participants in fifty demonstrations across Europe, I find that activists who are committed to the demonstrationís cause (willing to spread mobilization) and who are part of participation-friendly networks (able to spread mobilization) are the most active recruiters. But asking others is also dependent on being asked: participants who are recruited via weak ties are more active recruiters themselves.

country project | The Netherlands

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